Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Top Ten to Follow on Twitter 10/30/09

So last week was my first week of building a list and adding a mention in my blog about a group of tweeps that I have interacted with for the week! I am trying not to mention anyone more than once in a few blog post, but eventually there will be some repeats put in there from previous weeks. The list this week includes one bonus tweep that I have selected as someone that I think will have the potential of being a great tweep to follow! The individuals that I have selected this week are funny, interesting, and provide quality tweets that keep me interested and is the reason that I keep tweeting week after week! I look forward to tweeting with these people day in and day out and I know that you will too! So without any further delay here is my list for this week:
  1. @CdnGal_ps
  2. @deafrock
  3. @90_angel
  4. @Chattylisa69
  5. @anniemcs
  6. @anz_rocks19
  7. @JohnnyVoiture
  8. @CEEisME
  9. @selwynD611
  10. @sarahbellafina

And my bonus tweep that I believe that has the potential to being a great tweep to follow that I was introduced to today is: @NikkiG1st

You can not go wrong with these tweeps at all and if you don't have an account then it is time for you to get one and start following these tweeps! You can sign up by following this link: to sign up for an account.


  1. Awww, thanks, Josh!! ^_^

    Happy Halloween!


  2. Josh! Thanks so much - I am beyond flattered!
    p.s. You can't go wrong following you either!

    Patty (CdnGal_ps)