Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Top 10 Tweeps List and Introduction

So every week I am now going to provide a list of my top ten tweeps that I interacted with for the week. I am going to use this blog as a method of keeping track so that I try not to repeat a tweep multiple times, because we all know there are a few people that we talk to all the time and would be on that list every week and one thing that I like about #FollowFriday is the chance to follow good quality people and I cherish all of my tweeps that I interact with daily, weekly and monthly and soon I will be able to say yearly as I am approaching my one year anniversary of being on twitter. I will also post a link to twitter from the previous week which will allow me to #FollowFriday 20 tweeps in one quick sweep. So without further delay here is my first list of top 10 tweeps from this past week.

Follow these people on twitter as they have brought great information, kept me entertained and enjoy life as much as I do!
  1. @niffirgelleinad -
  2. @Wattyz -
  3. @Ceggs -
  4. @Claire_Cordon -
  5. @nelsonmaud -
  6. @DJPlaZma -
  7. @davehilman -
  8. @molliemoon -
  9. @Dumplin75 -
  10. @InMyBeatlesLife -

You can not go wrong with these ten tweeps, I love them, and I love conversing with them on a daily basis and I know you will to! If you are not on twitter then its time to sign up and follow these 10 people by going to and setting up your account

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