Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being Copied by a Star

So today was just a normal day for me! I got up ate a little breakfast and got some coffee! As most normal days go, I sign into Twitter and give my morning welcomes and every things. I was in the midst of chatting with @ceggs on MSN messenger and going back and fourth between her and TweetDeck this morning when a RT from a tweep that I follow came across my feed. I was shocked in what I saw to say the least. The feed came from @jemmathesquib and here is the link of the tweet that she posted:

I then noticed that Patrick Swayze was trending in the trending topic section and clicking on that lead me to a plethora of tweets retweeting this tweet from @aplusk who happens to be Ashton Kutcher on twitter. The tweet from @aplusk is here in this link and was posted 8 hours ago on twitter! This tweet is amazingly similar to the tweet that I posted on twitter and facebook on September 14th and is linked here although Ashton's joke is changed a bit from mine, it is still the same joke that I posted! I honestly could not believe what I was seeing, I was being copied and a tweet of mine was being made popular! The first thing that crossed my mind was "how rude" and I started my twitter campaign but now I find it completely flattering and all of the love and RT's about being copied and being given credit from all of my followers and tweeps that I don't follow is amazing! I am truly shocked and flattered! What an amazing experience today!

The people from Twitter are amazing! I am truly grateful for everyone that I follow and that follows me! I am amazed everyday about how genuine people are and how Twitter, a social networking site has changed my thoughts and views on life! An amazing experience and one that I am grateful everyday to experience. I am thanking everyone from my heart, everyone is amazing that I have meet on Twitter, I never knew how many nice people exist!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Craziness at Work

First off I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog! I’ve been busy and well let’s just face it a little lazy! Blogging hasn’t been on the top of my priority list lately and well to be truthful I haven’t had a heck of a lot to want to blog about anyhow.

Work has been pretty slow lately, although I have had some things occur that just make me think my God people what are you thinking. If you follow me at all on twitter you know I have a regular in the store at night. I refer to him as Homeless dude, mostly because I honestly believe that he is homeless. Although I don’t mind him coming in, he pretty much harmless and there are not very many customers at night that shop our store. He normally is a bit buzzed when he comes up and he usually brings a bag of empty returnable bottles with him. On this particular evening he came in pretty blitzed and he called me to tell me that he had a problem in the bottle room. Not knowing it was homeless dude I headed over to service the customer. Once I arrived I could tell this was going to be interesting as I instantly recognized the guy and he had water bottles spread across my entire bottle return room.

His first complaint was that the bottles he brought would not give him a refund of 10 cents as he is waving his arm around the whole room pointing at all the bottles on the floor. Of course it took several times explaining those water bottles are not refundable and that they just get thrown away. The second complaint was that he kept sticking his arm in the machine and it told him it was rejected. He explained to me that he might not be worth much but he certainly wasn’t a reject and he felt that he should be compensated for what he is worth. This blew my mind for two reasons! First off pretty creative for a drunken homeless guy and secondly how do you handle something like that? After several minutes of the awkward silence between us and him starring at me waiting for an answer I concluded with explaining that I understand that you believe that your arm is worth something but unfortunately we do not offer refunds for used body parts. Amazingly enough he nodded his head as those he understood, turned around and left.

Great, I got left cleaning up his mess and it he still returned four other times wanting a refund for his arm by sticking it into the machine and pulling it back out once the machine alarmed. I love my job!