Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being Copied by a Star

So today was just a normal day for me! I got up ate a little breakfast and got some coffee! As most normal days go, I sign into Twitter and give my morning welcomes and every things. I was in the midst of chatting with @ceggs on MSN messenger and going back and fourth between her and TweetDeck this morning when a RT from a tweep that I follow came across my feed. I was shocked in what I saw to say the least. The feed came from @jemmathesquib and here is the link of the tweet that she posted:

I then noticed that Patrick Swayze was trending in the trending topic section and clicking on that lead me to a plethora of tweets retweeting this tweet from @aplusk who happens to be Ashton Kutcher on twitter. The tweet from @aplusk is here in this link and was posted 8 hours ago on twitter! This tweet is amazingly similar to the tweet that I posted on twitter and facebook on September 14th and is linked here although Ashton's joke is changed a bit from mine, it is still the same joke that I posted! I honestly could not believe what I was seeing, I was being copied and a tweet of mine was being made popular! The first thing that crossed my mind was "how rude" and I started my twitter campaign but now I find it completely flattering and all of the love and RT's about being copied and being given credit from all of my followers and tweeps that I don't follow is amazing! I am truly shocked and flattered! What an amazing experience today!

The people from Twitter are amazing! I am truly grateful for everyone that I follow and that follows me! I am amazed everyday about how genuine people are and how Twitter, a social networking site has changed my thoughts and views on life! An amazing experience and one that I am grateful everyday to experience. I am thanking everyone from my heart, everyone is amazing that I have meet on Twitter, I never knew how many nice people exist!

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